2What to Look for in a PG?

During a chase in Sherlock Holmes (2009) Watson gets surprised when Holmes finds a tripwire that could have blown them to smithereens. He asks,” How did you find it?” Holmes replies, “Because I was looking for it.”

When we know what we are looking for, the discovery and selection process becomes seamless. It helps us to save time & effort and prevents unnecessary stress. Below are the pointers you can use for selecting a good PG. You may have to compromise with some because of your budget restrictions.

1. Room Size: It is very tough to find a PG that has rooms of adequate size. You may even come across rooms that are as small as bunkers. The size of the room influences the mood. Therefore, while finalising any room, you should be clear if you’ll be comfortable staying there for the next 11 months.

2. Ventilation: An AC room takes away the need for ventilation. However, if you have any breathing issues, you should prefer rooms with windows that open outside of the PG building. Further, if you are opting for a cooler/non-AC room, you should not pick the one which is deep inside the gallery or any closed corner of the premises.

Even air-coolers need minor ventilation to function properly. You need to keep a window or door open for the air to pass. If it doesn’t happen, your room will become moist and humid. A friendly piece of advice, never take a non-AC room on the top floor.

3. Attached Washrooms: Ideally, you should look for an attached washroom if your budget allows. This need is more so pronounced in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a common washroom is used by innumerable students, it increases the chance of contracting the virus. However, if you are going ahead with one, do enquire about the number of students that will be using them.

4. Distance: You should consider yourself lucky if you find a PG within walking distance from your college. Most of the PGs are located at a considerable distance that you’ll have to take an e-rickshaw or local bus. So, while searching for one, you should also take into account the time and effort required to reach the place from where you’ll hail a vehicle for commuting.

5. Food: The quality of the food is usually proportionate to the monthly rent of any PG. Nevertheless, you should take a quick look at the Google Reviews of the premises. Do not reject a PG altogether If you find any discrepancy. Rather, ask the manager for a justification.

Among other things, these are the most important you should put into consideration when you are looking for a place to stay. The list goes on: hygiene, elevator, curfew timing, common/recreation area, etc.

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