Tips and Tricks for Finding your Soulmate in College

College life brings with it lots of fun. We make new connections. The newly found independence gives a new beginning to our lives. It is usual for college students to develop a crush on someone in college. S/he may be of the same institution or from a different college altogether. Some want to keep a casual relationship. While others desire a partner with whom they can share a deep emotional bond.

Regardless of your orientations, here are a few tips and tricks which you can employ to increase the chances of finding your soulmate in college:

  1. They Happen: Friendships give birth to relationships. If you are hunting with the sole purpose of getting into a relationship with somebody, very likely you’ll not be successful. You may even end up offending the other person. Therefore, try to befriend as many people as possible. Care for your friends, be there with them. Go out and have fun. Do stuff together. If your chemistry is good with your prospective soulmate, the friendship will drift in that direction itself.

It is not that difficult to build new friendships or relationships. Most of the time, college students make the problem of extremes. Either they get too outrageous and clingy. Or they never make the first move because of their fears. There exists a middle path: make good friendships which will invariably lead to good relationships.



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