How to Balance Your Relationship with College?

It is quite so common for a student in a relationship to talk on calls and texts for long hours. The early curiosity and the excitement arising from hormones are uncontrollable. Partners keep missing each other which leads to frequent conversations. This slowly becomes an addictive habit. Working couples also go through this. But since the external influence of their job weighs on their minds, it remains within the boundaries. For students, some responsibilities are easy to be procrastinated. Thus, students find themselves spending more than usual time on their relationships.

Here are five points that can help you maintain balance in your life when your relationship is at a nascent stage:

  1. In-Person is Better: If you can, you should try to spend time more in-person rather than on calls/texts. Firstly, the communication is smoother. Misunderstandings are minimal. You get to assess whether you actually like your partner overall or not. One reason for the non-stop calls/chats is the urge to meet your partner. Spending time together helps with that and you can carry on your day peacefully after it.

If you can delay gratification in your relationship, you’ll notice it has more spark. The bond will provide bliss. You’ll find yourself more productive, happier and positive all day.



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